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Breast Cancer



           Samina Alvi, wife of President Dr. Arif Alvi, on Wednesday said that every 8th woman in Pakistan was at risk of suffering from Breast cancer and stressed the need for an urgent plan of action to reduce the growing number of patients.

            Addressing participants of an awareness walk on breast cancer held at the National Institute of Health (NIH) she said establishing a national cancer registry was the need of the hour to formulate effective policies in connection with the disease.

What is Breast Cancer

                Early diagnosis is the best cure against Breast Cancer instead of expensive and painful treatment at later stages of the disease, she said, adding in Pakistan with one lac new cancer patients every year, breast cancer was most prevalent as compared to its other forms. She emphasizes raising mass awareness in society to shun taboos affiliated with breast cancer. Begum Alvi said that healthy women could positively contribute to society and advise women to practice self-diagnosis which could save precious lives. She urged parliamentarians to play a strong role in highlighting the issues in their constituencies and sensitizing people. Ms. Alvi said that she would visit all provinces in the current month to raise awareness among girls and women at schools at colleges about the disease. Dr. Faisal Sultan, special assistant to the Prime Minister on health said that the government was making efforts to strengthen primary care centers to treat cancers of different kinds .

How to deal with it

                    Parliamentary Secretary on health Dr. Nosheen Hamid said lack of awareness is the main reason behind the alarming 98% death rate in patients with Breast Cancer in the country. Later Begum Alvi led the awareness walk with NIH Executive Director and others concerned. First lady Samina Arif Alvi leads the breast cancer awareness walk at the National Institute of health. Medicine Oncology and Radiotherapy Institute(NORI). The institute is a top-notch public-sector Cancer hospital that was established in the Federal Capital by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission in 1983.

                          Director of NORI Dr. Muhammad Faheem welcomed participants of the awareness activity and shared details about the newly added facilities at the hospital which includes the addition of a linear accelerator. 

               He also thanked the president of the Patient welfare society of NORI for his valuable assistance in addressing to the seminar as chief guest and stressed that early diagnosis was the key to curing Breast Cancer.  Mr. Naeem later inaugurated the newly added linear accelerator facility at NORI. On this occasion, Cancer survivors including former Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhary and members of the patients’ core group NORI shared their experiences of fighting the disease with the help of the NORI team.


                    She highlighted the importance of emotional support for the families of patients and appreciated the dedication, patience, and professional attitudes of doctors from NORI especially Dr. Faheem, Dr. Humaira Mehmood, and Dr. Kashif. Head of the Oncology Department Dr. Humaira Mehmood announced the names of teams who won the Breast cancer awareness poster competition whereas the PAEC chairman and member of science Dr. Masood Iqbal distributed prizes among winners and shields among worthy guests.

                   It has been noted with great concern that every year in the world considerable deaths are caused by Breast cancer. The situation in advanced countries is different as compared to developing countries where there is a lack of awareness and costly treatment. Many other factors which the women of such countries are facing. It can be said that better health facilities are available in advanced countries including good awareness about diseases and especially Breast Cancer.


           If a woman is suffering from Breast Cancer she has to suffer mentally and physically along with expensive treatment. So every woman should keep a close eye on her body changes, especially on the breast area with any abnormality which can cause breast cancer.

           It has been observed during many studies that if a woman has sufficient awareness about Breast Cancer or any abnormalities arising in her Chest area, basic treatment can be provided to her which can save her from this chronic disease.

          Globally, a day is celebrated every year with the awareness against major diseases like heart, blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure, etc. Awareness against any disease is the most important thing which can save a lot of money, and your precious and can save you from physical agony.

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