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How to make a YouTube channel safe


How to make a YouTube channel safe is very important for every YouTuber. I am suggesting 10 ways to protect your YouTube channel from Hackers.

If you want to secure your YouTube channel completely, this article is for you. A YouTuber knows the importance of a YouTube channel. Therefore, we will discuss the 10 steps one by one. Following these steps, you can secure your YouTube channel from Hackers.

1. Use a dedicated Google account

Always use a dedicated Google Account for creating a YouTube channel. This will secure and protect your all privacy settings. The first step is more important than the secondary steps. If you want to know more about a dedicated Google Account, do a relevant search on Google to get more security features.

  1. Set a unique password

Setting a unique password is always a step towards the creation and protection of a YouTube channel from Hackers. Your password should not be easy and accessible. It should be unique and a long password using upper case and lowercase in addition to using digit

3. Secure Google account with 2FA

You must secure your Google account with two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is created to secure any account from Hackers. Two-factor authentication is in fact a double layer of security on your YouTube channel, which provides security from Hackers.

In most social media applications, two-factor authentication is available. When any used make is “On Two-factor authentication” then you secure yourself from any hacking activities if you want to make your YouTube channel safe.

4. Do not use every device to use to sing in

Do not use every device to sign in with your Google account. There are many fake, fictitious, spam, and malware accounts on social media, which are in fact used for data collection or e-mail collection. So do not use every device to sign in with your e-mail or Google Account, which is also associated with your YouTube channel.

5. Enable 2FA on all (admins)account

As stated above, always use “Two Factor Authentication” on your every account. This will provide you a safety layer on your every account and will reduce the risk of approaching your account’s Hackers. So always, keep on two-factor authentication on your all accounts.

6. Do not install apps from an unknown source

Don does not install apps from unknown sources other than Google etc. The applications installed from unknown sources are not safe and secure. It will enhance the risk of hacking by the Hackers being not safe and secure. So always keep in mind while installing any app, do not install it from an unknown source.

7. Never click any suspicious link

By clicking on any suspicious link, the information goes to that link bout your e-mail password, etc. Your e-mail used, account and even password are not secure when you are frequently clicking upon suspicious links. Avoid clicking on any suspicious link if you want to protect your YouTube channel from Hackers.

  1. Be careful with Emails

Do not reply to unknown e-mails, which are offering you to initiate any type of survey or answer questions. In fact, behind that, some hackers are asking you question answers sessions through which they are cunningly taking your all information.

9. Remove any suspicious extension/Browser

Urgently remove any suspicious extension/Brower if you are using with you any account. Such types of suspicious extensions/Brower provide you with all information related to any account including e-mail, password, etc.

10. Change account password regularly

               Change your account password from time to time. This step will enhance the security of your Google account, YouTube channel, etc. If you are using one old password for a long time, a heavy risk is involved and it would be an easy task for Hackers to hack your YouTube channel, so keep your security tight to make a YouTube channel safe.


The above-mentioned 10 ways to protect your YouTube channel from Hackers would be helpful for those who do not know the consequences of any hacked account. Act upon these 10 ways to protect your YouTube channel from Hackers.

Leave your positive feedback and comments on how much this article was helpful to you or not. Your suggestions are always very precious to me providing guidelines and light. Hope to hear good from your side. Have a nice day.

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