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LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is the perfect way to stay connected with your networks and make new connections. LinkedIn is the perfect way to make connections and land your next job. This platform is primarily used for professional networking and career development and allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs.

How to make the most of LinkedIn for career growth, it is an American business and employment-oriented platform that operates via the website and mobile apps.  It is the most popular social media application which is being used for making connections and searching for a job anywhere in the world.

Make connections with other profiles.

The site also enables members to make connections with each other which are called social networking. According to your profile, you can send requests to anyone for connection. After making connections you are following each other. In this way, you can exchange your ideas and views.

My Network

In my Network section, you can find relevant profiles of other accounts. The activities of other accounts are shown in this section. You can send a request for a connection or follow them. Many multinational companies are also available with their profiles offering their services as well as jobs.


The most important aspect of this social media application is that you can find a job here. It is an amazing platform for the job seeker. You can get a job according to your skills and your choice. Every day thousands of jobs are published in the USA. Some jobs are remote but the same is published mentioning all the criteria for a job seeker.

Meet new people around the globe

If you have a LinkedIn account, you can meet people around the globe of your own choice. For example, if you want to make connections with professionals living in London, you can do it. If you want to only make connections with professionals of present on LinkedIn of New York, you can also do it. Making new connections and sharing ideas with people around the globe, in fact, it is an amazing platform.


LinkedIn groups are also available, which provide a limited form of the discussion area. Since group offer functionality to reach a wider audience. There is a consistent stream of sharing views and ideas with each other. By joining any group, you can seek replies to questions in your mind related to any topic.

Mobile-friendly app.

LinkedIn is a mobile-friendly application, used and managed through mobile as well as laptops. The activities can be watched and controlled by anyone through his/her mobile. The list of LinkedIn’s top companies is a series of LinkedIn published by the platform from time to time. Through the mobile application, you can watch the top companies of the USA, Canada, France, Germany, etc, and their jobs published from time to time.


In my humble opinion, LinkedIn is one of the strongest platforms for making connections and building strong social media activities on a day-to-day base. It is a blessing for job seekers when they can publish their CVs and for employers to publish their new job.

Being part of LinkedIn you stay connected around the globe. Exchange of views, ideas and finding jobs, and answers to your questions and queries, it is an amazing platform. How to make the most of LinkedIn for career growth, create your business profile on LinkedIn and use it wisely to get more benefits from it.

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