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Hello dear friends, I hope you will be fine and doing good. Today we are going to talk about a new variant of Corona Virus Omicron which came from the African belt and has spread to the USA, UK, Belgium, Australia, etc.

The second emergency meeting has been called upon by the World Health Organization (WHO) in its history of 73 years in which 194 countries around the globe have participated and it is expected that new rules about health will be made and a strict policy will be given to world about health during this pandemic which all the countries would be bound to follow the same.

On the other hand from the 3rd of December emergency would be declared in the USA against this new variant of Omicron Virus and there are strong apprehensions that the death toll could reach 3.5 million people in Europe and USA. First of all USA and UK banned upon travel from six African countries including South Africa.

Similarly, other countries like Europe, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan have also put sanctions upon traveling from the African belt where this new variant had been seen. The Omicron had badly affected the stock markets in the world, especially in the USA, the UK, and other European Countries and the oil prices also came down up to 15 % due to news of this new variant of Omicron there are also strong apprehensions that again the whole world can face restrictions of Covid-19 as two years ago. The situation in the world is worst because of this new virus Omicron.
The experts said that this virus is more strong which can badly affect your lungs. One case of Omicron was firstly reported in Belgium, three cases were reported in the UK, one case had been reported in Canada and one case was reported in Australia which shows that this virus is fastly spreading in different countries of the world.
It is also expected from the experts that against this new variant of Omicron Virus there are chances that a vaccine of any kind may not be helpful to restrict this virus.
Get yourself vaccinated, your family, and your children and if you are already got yourself vaccinated then you can take booster shots of that vaccine to keep yourself safe and sound. It is also most likely to be expected that due to the spread of this new variant of Omicron it would cause a three trillion dollars in loss towards tourism.

With each passing day, the spread of the new Coronavirus is accelerating. There may be more deaths in Europe from December 2021 to March 2022 as expected by the Experts including the season of Christmas. You know that the weather has become extremely cold throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada.
Within the cold season, the spread of Coronavirus not only accelerates but also proves to be more harmful. Experts are also worried about whether the pre-vaccine against the Omicron virus will be effective or whether a separate vaccine will have to be developed. The current national Omicron virus spreads fifty times faster than the previous virus. The only symptom that has come to light is severe pain in your muscles. If the virus then reaches your lungs, it can quickly inactivate your lungs.

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