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Weight loss naturally

         How to weight loss naturally, people have said this is easier than other diets because the natural way of eating has nothing to do with its diet. This is why some people call their natural diet a ‘diet without medicine’. It isn’t a diet, but a lifestyle.

            There are no prescriptions. The only advice you need to follow is what kind of food you eat. To lose all the excess pounds you need, you should go for an intense workout program instead of sticking to your comfort zone.

              Not only does this burn fewer calories than conventional weight loss programs, but you will have more energy and burning of fat hormones instead of protein. You can even burn more stored fat if you are physically active. If you want to get into shape as well as burn more calories, I recommend trying CrossFit.

              It helps you build muscle mass and burn more fats and carbohydrates in the form of glycogen. It sounds simple and easy to perform without any assistance. When you’re at your best, you will be able to burn more fat, and increase the production of heat and energy while decreasing body temperature to weight loss naturally.”

1. Dr. Sushma Gomani

What Is Natural Diet? A natural diet is when foods are not processed or substituted with preservatives or additives like sweeteners or artificial colors. In simpler words, it is not chemically prepared. They are not processed in labs, nor are they refined to preserve them. It’s organic or natural. A natural diet usually contains whole grains or legumes which were grown organically by farmers. Some people believe that consuming healthy, nutritious foods directly affects their health, and thus, one should focus on whole, unprocessed food. However, there are many myths about Natural diet. These include:

Myth 1) Natural diet does not work for everyone,

Myth 2) Natural diet is not safe,

Myth 3) Normal weight gain is not good for our weight loss,

Myth 4) People don’t eat a Natural diet because they put off their favorite foods for fear of losing or gaining weight. So now let us see what the benefits of consuming a natural diet are. As stated above, the natural is not synthetic, so there are no ‘preservatives or additives added. That means no chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic or man-made ingredients are included. Thus, there’s no risk of side effects such as obesity, diabetes, or cancer. 

              With a natural diet, there is no need to worry about anything because the food is not damaged, and thus, nobody would eat food that is contaminated with germs like salmonella or E Coli. Also, you will never suffer from allergies because it’s not processed, and you might find yourself eating something which is either gluten-free or non-allergic.

2. Why Healthy Food?

                Healthy food is the opposite of unhealthy in that, every time you consume them, they give you nutrients that are vital for the proper functioning of the body. Healthy foods contain minerals and vitamins which are needed for every human being to live a long life.

             Having a healthy diet not only gives you enough nutrients in the form of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates required by the body to facilitate physical activities but also, these nutritional compounds provide important vitamins and minerals which help to maintain a healthy metabolism, detoxify the liver, and kidney, stabilize blood sugar and to protect the heart and liver against diseases.

             Your blood pressure and heartbeat will remain stable, and you will maintain a healthy immune system as there won’t be an excessive production of cortisol hormone that leads to inflammation and other ailments. All these functions help a person to live longer and live better lives of healthier life.

3. How to Keep the Balance While Eating Foods

              As you’re aware, the more healthy the food, the better its impact on your health. So, how do we stay healthy while having a balanced diet? Well, you simply have to change your thoughts, behavior, and your habits. The main things you need to know are:

               Eat foods of clean origin: Organic and Biodegradable products are healthier and safe. According to USDA, over 95% of organic produce is available in grocery stores. Most of those farms use biotechnology like GMO-free soil and fertilizers as an effective method of producing their crops with minimal environmental impacts.

                On top of that, organic farms use organic farming practices like feeding animals on pasture so that they are always fed grass instead of corn or soybeans at every meal. Apart from that, organic farms use only fresh, pureed fruits and vegetables and avoid using pesticides, GMOs, and chemical fertilizers. Do not go for items made up of unnatural and inorganic substances: Before buying a product, check whether it is the same as described on its package labels.

              No matter how much you love your favorite flavor or cheese, try visiting a store or shop which sells alternatives to these items. Pay attention to the sources of ingredients used in manufacturing: A few years back, researchers across the globe came together with the consensus that synthetic dyes, flavors, and colorings used on packaged food may actually harm the health of consumers.

4.            Scientists at NYU found out that these ingredients could affect the body negatively by affecting its digestion system. To prevent the same situation from happening in the future, it is advisable to purchase foods whose ingredients are fully traceable.

                Read labels carefully before opting for any new products that claim to be the herbal remedy for curing your ailments. Avoid animal-based meat: Although meat is considered high in protein, it is still known to cause certain illnesses like pancreatic cancer and leukemia.

                 The reason behind this is the fact, meat is packed with high levels of saturated fats, cholesterol, and sodium that are likely to contribute to causing chronic diseases. It is recommended that meat and poultry should be avoided. Consume eggs instead of cheese, yogurt, and meat for breakfast. Choose milk instead of butter and cream for weight loss naturally.

                For example, choose unsalted, pasteurized, or refrigerated cheese rather than the normal melted on the stove. Choose white bread instead of brown bread. It is suggested that white bread is a healthier choice due to the presence of dietary fiber in it.

                Try adding eggs to your lunch instead of sausage. Avocados are extremely delicious and full of vitamins and minerals which help in maintaining appropriate body function. Avocados can even be consumed alongside your salads like lettuce and tomato. But avoid avocados during summer because they will make your skin dry and redder.

5.  How Much Does Dietary Intake of Essential Nutrients?

                  Natural Diet is an excellent source of nutrition since it consists of all the important nutrients required by individuals to maintain their lives for the rest of their lives. It is the complete absence of synthetic, man-made, or unnatural ingredients that allows people to achieve maximum health benefits through a natural diet. Nutrition in this case is all the bodily functions and reactions to various dieticians and changes in climate. Hence, there are no limits to nutrition.

                 If you are looking forward to maximum health benefits and maximum weight loss then, try incorporating a healthy diet with regular exercise. At least two meals are allowed along with a proper meal plan. As such, you will burn more calories than you did previously.

                You will lose weight faster if you take part in a rigorous exercise program. One must not ignore all the benefits of exercise in terms of nutritional value. Exercise not only burns more calories while helping in achieving better body and mind functions but also helps in improving cardiovascular system health and reducing the risk of common chronic diseases.

                  Exercise provides the body with essential components of protein, iron, phosphorus, calcium, and zinc, omega-3 fatty acids like linoleic acid, monounsaturated fats, and low to moderate amounts of polyunsaturated fats. Since muscles require a lot of proteins and fats, an adequate supply of protein can increase muscle gain, and thus, you will burn more calories for weight loss naturally.

                  However, you mustn’t skip your regular workouts with strict rules. Just as, you shouldn’t quit smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol because you get addicted quickly, not drinking or taking liquor won’t keep you away from your goals.

                Along with exercise, eating right and keeping oneself hydrated are equally significant to ensure that your entire body function properly. You must also avoid sugary drinks as they contain a large number of stimulants that can damage your liver.

                Now as already said, exercise burns more calories than any other activity. So, here is a list of exercises that burn more calories than normal:

6. Stretching Posture: Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold onto the ground with both hands. Keeping your shoulders slightly relaxed, you should bend your knees and extend your arms.

                    Hold your knee up, support your shoulder joints, and keep your hip joint rotated evenly. Repeat for 10 consecutive times. Do the same series of stretching postures for 20 repetitions and then gradually relax your joints. Now you should lift your hips, shoulder, chest, and shoulder.

7.  Squatting Knee Raises:

                Sit down, with your legs crossed in front of you, holding into your heels with your thighs. Slowly raise your knee, bringing it towards your toes, and extend your knee to your left hand. Bring it back to the original position again and repeat the process 5 consecutive times.

                     Do the same sequence of knee raises for 5 sessions and then slowly lower it for 4 days. Don’t ever stop the practice before 3 weeks, since it involves the full body and it takes quite some time to burn those extra calories if you want to weight loss naturally.

8. Leg Raises: Once your knee is raised in front of you, slowly straighten your legs and then press your toes closer to your heels. Now you should touch your ankle to your shin. Again, slowly straighten your leg and then return it to the original.

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